About Us

familyIn November 2004, our dream became a reality as we opened our cottage to our first guests. We had dreamed of a honeymoon type cottage for more than 10 years. We were so excited. Within 3 months, weekends were full and many weeknights were also occupied. At some point in that first year, God took our dream and replaced it with a feeling of ministry. It was always such a blessing to hear how couples enjoyed the cottage, felt the presence of God, and connected with their spouse in a wonderful way. Hearing that was what made our effort feel worthwhile.

In November of 2008, God asked us to give our dream and our ministry up to Him. It was with tears and longing that we surrendered it to Him and sold the cottage, not knowing if it would continue to be used as a getaway. God, in His grace handed it right back to us. The new owners, Ed and Anne Loeffler of Lancaster, Pa also had a dream and desire to minister to marriages and indeed wanted it to remain as before. And not only that, they asked us if we would join them. Would we continue as before, reserving and upkeep and really just everything that we did before, minus paying the bills. (really quietly here, I even get paid to do it now!!) We were amazed and with joy accepted the responsibility.

Now in 2013, after several years of not owning it, it still feels like ours. In fact, as people ask us if we still have the cottage, my first response always is, yes. Then I remember to quickly explain what I’ve just told you….

Now about us, we have been married for nearly 18 years and God continues to lead us in our journey. We have not lost our desire to minister to marriages. We cannot, for God Himself has laid it heavily on our hearts. And God Himself has given us a relationship that we could never even had dreamed possible. And we look out in hopes of making a difference in another’s life, for His glory.

We have a family of five children; four beautiful daughters and one son, just as handsome as his daddy. All of our life is centered around them, raising and preparing them for life. Knowing that time flies and before we know it, we will look at each other over an empty nest. Endeavoring to make the most of each moment of today. Choosing to trust our Father with the rest.

I will say, that if you choose to stay with us, we will do our best to ensure that your stay is a memorable one….

Brent and Mariellen Rosenberry